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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Excessively polluted, toxic air has a great impact on human health and our skin. Get familiar with this term–urban dust. Urban dust is the atmospheric particulate matter collected in an area (see Urban Dust Culprits) which can travel by air across the globe, affecting areas thousands of miles away. Urban dust isn’t just a big city problem. The term "urban" here refers to any modern, industrialized area such as cities, suburbs, small towns or farms—any place where there are cars, roads, buildings and industry. Air quality is affected by a complex mix of factors, both natural and man–made. These urban dust particles are incredibly small, 30 times smaller than a human hair. In fact, several thousands of them could fit on the period on the end of this sentence.

Pollution’s impact can be observed at the skin surface. It is shown to cause an inflammatory cascade, resulting in environmentally stressed skin and premature aging. You’ll see this cellular intoxication identify as pigmented spots, excess oil, sensitivity, dehydration, breakouts, lines and wrinkles.

Here’s how to treat pollution-induced damage at home and in the treatment room, and help break the toxifying cycle of day-in, day-out pollution exposure

1. Malachite extract. This copper-rich pollution magnet and heavy metal scavenger helps neutralize everyday skin-aging oxidative stress. You can find this in our VITAL-C OVERNIGHT HYDRATING MASQUE

2. Copper PCA. This beet amino acid-derived copper salt predominates skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) and replaces the moisture and essential lipids robbed by pollution. You can find this in several of our ORMEDIC products.

3. Sea salt minerals. Iron, manganese, selenium and zinc help replenish what pollution depletes and rebalance for proper skin function. They encourage vibrancy, stabilize hydration levels and help skin absorb vital trace minerals and nutrients.

4. Kelp. Kelp is beneficial for moving toxins through the body, stimulating circulation and helping it to become more resistive to the effects of pollution on skin. It can also soothe the skin and maintain hydration. I recommend looking for a face mask with kelp.

5. Red algae. It protects skin against dryness and irritation caused by pollution by replenishing and maintaining skin’s NMF. This can be found in several of our VITAL-C products

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