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Acid Wash!

No, not your jeans! I'm referring to your facial cleanser. Common exfoliating ingredients found in cleansers are alpha hydroxy + beta hydroxy acids. Does your cleanser contain exfoliating ingredients? It should! Here are the benefits of using an acid wash:

  • exfoliate the skin

  • brighten the skin

  • promote collagen production

  • reduce fine lines +wrinkles

  • treat/ prevent acne

  • promote circulation

  • increase product absorption

Alpha hydroxy acids are water soluble and work on the outer most layer of the skin making it more effective on mature, sun damaged skin.

Beta hydroxy acids are oil soluble and work best on oily, acneic skin.

Here is the starting lineup of exfoliating cleansers.

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  1. Ageless Total Facial Cleanser- Contains glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy). Includes menthol to refresh.

  2. Image MD Restoring Facial Cleanser- Contains glycolic (alpha hydroxy), lactic (alpha hydroxy) and salicylic acid (beta hydroxy). Gentle exfoliating daily cleanser.

  3. Clarifying Salicylic Gel Cleanser- Contains salicylic acid (beta hydroxy) most suitable for oily skin types. Includes mint, eucalyptus and tea tree oils.

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