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Got texture?

Updated: Nov 8

Hey friends,

So last night I performed an advanced peel on my skin. IF my skin peels much, this will occur after about 48 hours and may last 2-4 days. I'll share my results on socials.

Amount of peeling will vary depending on your use of active ingredients (i.e., retinols, salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid).

I like to do these a few times a year to maintain a youthful and radiant complexion.

Popular treatment benefits include:

  • Refined texture

  • Collagen stimulation (fine lines+ wrinkles)

  • Unclogged pores (acne)

  • Reduced uneven pigmentation (sunspots)

  • Enhanced product penetration

Checkout my glow y'all <3

Tis the season for peeling! If you're struggling with uneven texture or appeal to the treatment benefits above, you would love the results of a peel or peel series.

FOA let me add.......If you've been following me on socials, then you know I don't perform peels on ANYONE just because they're asking. There are levels to this.

Depending on your skin goals, I'll determine the best customized treatment plan.

You can get a peel/s for maintenance or to correct. Never had a peel before? No worries. This treatment plan is suitable for all skin types. An at-home regimen is highly recommended for a peel series.

You can get your at-home regimen FREE!!!! That's a $200 value for FREE.

Thats right, when you purchase the ** 3-Peel Series you'll get free products to maximize and maintain your results. Follow the hyperlink for more details and to checkout.

**while supplies last

I'm here to help you reach your skincare goals. Let's get glowing.

Contact me if you need answers.



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