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Renew You!

Happy New Year!

Are you looking to start the year off detoxing? If so, you'll love the results from an Infrared Sauna Session. Save 15% when you purchase a package of 3.

If this is your first time, start with a 30 Min session.

Listed under <Body Slimming + Detox>

Benefits include release of toxins and endorphins, improves appearance of skin and circulation, aids in muscle recovery and improves sleep (de-stress). Can be done 2-3 times a week to maximize benefits.

How to prepare for a session?

Get plenty of rest the night before + hydrate. Sports bra, yoga pants or exercise shorts are recommended. The sauna blanket is lined with plastic fory cleanup. Bring an extra set of clothes to change into. Hydrate and rest after.

Not recommended for those with high blood pressure, heart conditions or anyone taking diuretics.

New year, #renew you!

Can't wait to see ya,



Text me if you have questions.

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