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V-Steaming in Session

Now steaming !!

V-Steam for 1| $49 

V-Steam for 2| $98 

(35 min sessions)

What is a V-Steam? 

 Also referred to as Yoni Steaming

Ancient therapeutic and relaxing wellness ritual used to reconnect you with your feminine energy. This cleansing treatment uses natural plants and herbs to help restore balance and clear away (vaginal) congestion. 

** Steam in private, with a friend or during your facial session.

What are the benefits?

 Improved circulation and can aid in alleviating symptoms that are caused by or related to congestion in the vaginal/uterine tissues. Offers menstrual support and fertility enhancement by relieving/aiding in the following:

  • detoxifies womb

  • vaginal dryness/disorders

  • yeast infections

  • reduction in pain, bloating

  • irregular periods

  • increasing cervical fluids

  • minimizing heavy flow

  • nourishing uterine lining

  • relaxes vaginal canal/cervix


  • you're pregnant

  • after ovulation (if trying to conceive)

  • during full flow of period

  • you're bleeding heavily

  • you have an acute infection

  • sores/blisters are present

Please note: cleansing effect may start menstrual early and /or increase flow with darker fluids.


If you're seeing an OBGYN regularly, please consult with your doctor before booking an appointment. Results will vary. Release forms will require signature.

Our tranquil steam area

How it works? 

While seated on a sterile V -Steamer throne in a full-length gown,  a warm steam with a custom blend of organic herbs carries the herbal benefits to the exterior vaginal tissues. The warm steam causes the inner mucous membranes of the vulva to open up allowing infusion of the organic herbs.

Herbal Ingredients:

  • Salvia -Miltiorrhiza, blood stasis, pass through pain, irregular, dysmenorrhea.

  • Rose-Regulates endocrine, promotes blood metabolism, relieves dysmenorrhea.

  • Acacia flower- Promote blood circulation, dilated and relieve pain. It is used for meridian, dysmenorrhea and lochia.

  • Folium Artemisiae Argyi -Actions-Warm meridians and stop bleeding, dispel cold

  • Motherwort Herb-Actions-Activate blood and regulate menstruation, promote diuresis and dissolve edema, clear heat and relieve toxicity.

  • Safflower-Actions-Activate blood and dredge meridians, dispel stasis and alleviate pain.

  • Lavender-Actions-Clear heat and remove toxicity, expel wind and relieve itching.

  • Aloe-Actions-Relax bowels with purgative, clear liver fire, expel ascarid.

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