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Keep calm and wax on!


3 Brazilians | $164

Compare at $225

Facial Wax + Thread

Non-Member/ Member

Brows                                                 $32.77/$26.21 mo.

Lips                                                     $27.31/$21.84 mo.

Chin                                                    $21.85/$17.48 mo.

Nose                                                    $32.77/$26.21 mo.

Cheeks                                                $27.31/$21.84 mo.

Full Face                                             $65.55/$52.44 mo.

Sideburns                                           $27.31/$21.84 mo.


Body Waxing (UNISEX)


Brazilian                                             $87.40/$69.92
Underarms                                         $32.77/$26.21
Full Arms                                            $54.62/$43.69
Half Arms                                           $43.70/$34.96
Full Legs                                             $87.40/$69.92
Half Legs                                            $54.62/$43.69
Between Cheeks                                $33/$19.20
Stomach                                             $27.31/$21.84
Chest/ Back                                       $49.16+/$39.32+

Body Waxing 101


If you're planning an appointment before vacation, please allow 7-9 days of hair growth. Start exfoliating 3 days before you plan to get waxed. DO NOT SHAVE/TRIM. Redness is normal and will usually subside after a few hours. If your hair is coarse, needle point bleeding may occur (also normal). Avoid exercise, hot tubs, sauna, tanning bed and swimming pool for 24 hours. Wait at least 24-48 hours to exfoliate following your appointment.

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Body Waxing
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